RGB Color Mixer

The RGB Color Mixer attaches to Vernier's SensorDAQ interface to give control of a ping-pong ball sized "pixel." By varying the intensity of the red, green and blue LEDs, the entire spectrum can be displayed (at least as interpreted by the human eye).

The control program requires Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 or 8. While the Color Mixer is appropriate for teaching basic ideas about color, it can also be used to teach many important ideas from math, science and engineering.

As a "free extra," the Color Mixer also includes a programmable relay, which allows precisely timed activation of motorized carts, fans and other self-powered DC devices.

While we believe the activities below work best with the RGB Color Mixer hardware, all except "Controlling Motion" and "Stage Magic" can be done using just the display on an ordinary computer monitor.

Activity on Electricity and Inequalities

Stage Magic

Activities Using Basic Algebra (Linear Functions)

Electronic Colors

Activities Using Intermediate Algebra (Non-Linear Functions)

Color Time
Controlling Motion

Shifting Colors

Activities Using Trig or Calculus

Oscillating Colors



This hardware is NOT required to run the Color Functions or GoWatch software, but it does add value to demonstrations and classroom activities.

Click here for a YouTube video demonstrating the software

Click here to download the FREE SOFTWARE