The ACV (Algebraically Controlled Vehicle) is able to move forward and back and pivot left or right--all with the high precision characteristic of stepper motors and with variable velocities which students enter in standard mathematical format. It turns the "abstract" equations of uniformly accelerated motion, simple harmonic motion and much more into physical reality.

As illustrated below, simple or complex equations can be specified in the syntax of MathScript, and the actual motion compared immediately to the theoretical prediction. Up to 3 segments can be specified separately for "graph-match" activities, and the equations can use inputs from either a motion detector or up to 3 analog probes for "feedback and control" activities.

Control programs are provided as executable files, which use the free (and included) LabVIEW run-time engine. The LabVIEW source code is also available for advanced users who want even more flexibility to program the ACV using LabVIEW itself.

Students don't just learn about math and science--they learn to use math and science in activities that are fun, challenging and realistic.

School mascot, sensors and SensorDAQ are not included

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