Function Plane

The Function Plane links the "abstract" mathematics of equations and graphs directly to the real world of dynamic functional relationships. Students use either a Windows computer or a TI-83/84 family calculator* to put math and science into motion. The Function Plane operates a wide variety of low-cost objects and the context can be changed at will by inserting a different sheet of 8.5 X 11 inch paper or a different transparent overlay.

Activities Using Basic Algebra (Linear Functions)

Calibrate a Gauge
Calibrating a Servo Motor
Celestial Mechanics
Controlling the Motor with Algebra
Follow that Cart
Hooke's Law
Position Match
Reflection of Light

Activities Using Intermediate Algebra (Non-Linear Functions)

Come to the Light
Control a Laser -- HD Video
Earthquakes and Logs -- HD Video
Label Maker
Line Up
The Right Temperature

Activities Using Trig or Calculus

Bug Zapper
Follow that Man
Magnetic Fields and Moving Particles
Using Velocity to Find Position

*Computer operation requires either a Vernier SensorDAQ interface or National Instruments myDAQ and provides an angular resolution of 0.1°. Calculator operation requires a CBL2 or LabPro interface. Resolution with the CBL2 or LabPro is currently limited to +/- 5°.


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