Project Boards

Any of the project boards provides an easy and inexpensive way to get students (and teachers) started in the exciting world of digital control systems. Each board board is available for either the CBL2 or the Original CBL. The CBL2 versions also work with Vernier's LabPro using either a calculator or a computer.

Basic Switch (shown top right) operates a single on-off switch (SPST relay) and also provides 4 LED lights for use in teaching about binary logic. (Requires a 9-V battery.)

Binary Basic Trainer (shown center right) provides 4 LED lights for use in teaching about digital logic, plus the ability to control up to 4 hobby servo motors, a stepper motor or any of many 5-V DC devices. It is ideal as a supplement to the RC Controller. (Requires 4 AA batteries.)

Motor Controller (shown bottom right) is a more powerful version of the Binary Basic Trainer above that uses an external 12-V DC power supply (available separately).

SPDT Switch is identical to the Basic Switch above switch, except that it uses a “single pole, double throw” relay to provide normally open and normally closed contacts. (Requires a 9-V battery.)

Quad SPDT Switch Board provides 4 independent switches, each with a LED indicator. With additional external wiring, this board can be used to control 2 DC motors (forward, back, stop) your own robotic projects. (Requires a 9-V battery.)

Reversing Switch can be used as a simple on-off (SPST) switch, but also provides an external power input and a reversible output. Often used to make a DC motor run forward, backward or stop under control of the CBL2 or LabPro. An LED shows the status of each relay. (Requires a 9-V battery.)

If you use the LabPro on a SAM robot, any of these project boards can be added to the robot and operated from the LabPro's second digital port.




Basic Switch

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Binary Basic Trainer

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Motor Controller

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