Classroom Activity
Monster 3-D
Measuring angles
Locating points in 3-space

Student groups will help SAM follow a path as he fires a laser at several monsters along the way. They will need to construct equations that will calculate angles in the XZ-coordinate plane so that the movement of both the robot (aligned along the Y-axis) and a pointer (aligned along the X-axis) will combine to aim the laser and shoot each monster as the robot passes it. The monsters sit at different locations along the track and at different elevations (aligned along the Z-axis). Created by Kathy Ellington, Jim Lester, and Hal Repasky

Authors: Kathy Ellington, Jim Lester, and Hal Repasky
Activity Created: Lakeland Workshop July 2003

Participant Handout | Facilitator Notes
Calculator Programs
monstr3d (This program is designed for the TI-83/LabPro/SAM EDE-1200)
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