Learning with Math Machines, Inc. is offering grants of free equipment to US educators.

50 educators will be selected to each receive a Vernier SensorDAQ computer interface with voltage and light probes and a Math Machines Function Plane. To qualify for a grant, educators should:

  1. Download and install the Math Machines "NSF-Suite" of software onto a Windows computer (XP*, Vista or Windows 7). The software is free, but registration is required,
  2. View the 15-minute YouTube video, Functions in Color,
  3. Review the "Readme" file included with the software download or here.
  4. Use the Color Functions software to complete the 3 tasks below, and save each solution in the form of an Experiment file.
  5. Task 1: Create explicit functions for the three primary colors, r = f(t), g=f(t) and b=f(t), such that the display changes smoothly from yellow to blue and back to yellow in 8 seconds without going out of range.
    Task 2: Create recursive functions for the three primary colors of the type rn+1 = f(rn), gn+1 = f(gn), and bn+1 = f(bn), such that the display changes gradually from red to aqua in 20 seconds.
    Task 3: Create an original “Color Show” lasting a total of 30 seconds which applies mathematical skills appropriate to the level of your students. The show should incorporate at least one mathematical function (such as "abs," "step" or "rand") which is not demonstrated in the YouTube video.

  6. Attach the 3 experiment files to an email describing in 500 words or less how and where you intend to use the Math Machines software and Function Plane with students. Send the email to grants@mathmachines.net.

Grants are available only to US educators of secondary school, community college or university STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) students. Applications will be reviewed as received and judged based on (a) the applicant's demonstrated mastery of the Color Functions software and (b) the likely benefits of the proposed activities in furthering STEM education. The grant process will close December 31, 2012 or when all available equipment has been awarded. Recipients will be expected to provide brief feedback regarding the actual use of the equipment.

* The (uncommon) 64-bit version of Windows XP is not supported. Vista and Windows 7 are supported in either 32- or 64-bit versions.

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This material is based in part upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant No. DUE-1003381

Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation.