Facilitator Resources for Classroom Activities
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Resources for the facilitator include :
Each activity has several options for delivery, Activity Options. A particular option might be chosen because of educational/grade level, level of expertise, or limitations of time or resources. For example, one option may require an hour to complete, and another option may require two hours. Or one option may require proficiency in certain skills, while another delivery option may not.
The Facilitator Overview helps the facilitator understand the various options within an activity.
Facilitator Notes for each activity provide guidance for facilitating the activity and are divided into 11 sections:

  1. Overview of Activity (short overview describing the activity)
  2. Goal of Activity (discusses the algebraic concepts being taught in the activity)
  3. Equipment Needed (minimum equipment and programs required to do the activity)
  4. Pre-Activity Set-Up (instructions for setting up the activity before participants arrive)
  5. Pre-Activity Discussion (class discussion motivating the activity)
  6. Facilitating the Activity (step by step instructions on how to facilitate the activity)
  7. Group Activity Questions (answered questions from Activity)
  8. Post-Activity Discussion (class discussion at the end of the activity)
  9. Individual Assessment (answered questions in Individual Assessment file)
  10. Extending the Activity (ideas for adding additional challenges to the activity)
  11. Troubleshooting (help when problems arise with equipment and programs)

Calculator Program(s) are provided to be loaded onto calculators along with software from the TI Programs folder.
The Individual Assessment Handout is an assessment instrument for individual students.
Additional Resources that could be helpful in facilitating the activity may or may not be included.

From the participant's point of view, there are 4 main sections to each activity:

  1. Overview of the Activity (short overview describing the activity)
  2. Instructions (guide participants through activity)
  3. Group Activity Questions (questions in the activity to be answered by the group)
  4. Assessment (using the Individual Assessment Handout)

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