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Videos associated with our book, The Physics of Destructive Earthquakes, are available via our YouTube Channel

Older videos are listed below:

Designing Earthquakes: Magnitude: What if students could BOTH design structures to withstand earthquakes AND use mathematics to design earthquakes which will destroy those structures?

Designing Earthquakes: Beyond Just Magnitude: The size (Richter Magnitude) of an earthquake does matter, but it may not be the most important factor in determining earthquake damage.

Functions in Color: Learners design and test mathematical functions to produce dynamic displays of up to 16.7 million colors

LACI Smart Cart: The LACI Smart Cart in action, first as a CNC-style machine and then as an extension to "Graph Match" activities--but using actual algebraic functions in addition to conceptual understanding.

Control a Laser: A hands-on activity using linear and quadratic functions to produce uniformly accelerated motions

Earthquake Simulator: A hands-on activity using the incredible power of logarithmic functions

Pig or Bacon?: A hands-on activity using piecewise-defined functions and uniformly accelerated motion

Engineering Design with Moment of Inertia: Rotate objects as rapidly as possible without breaking.

Penny Pitcher: Learners compare and test alternative functions of speed vs. time to drop pennies in specified targets.

2014 Math Machines Workshop: Highlighs of the workshop held at Sinclair Community College, Dayton, Ohio, August 5-8, 2014.

Honda - Math Machines Workshop: Video from one of our calculator-based teacher workshops

Move It 200 mm in 4 seconds: A brief video (less than a minute) showing LACI at What questions can you add?


Function Plane


"Too few students think of algebra and trigonometry as exciting and practical subjects, but a simple control system project can improve their views dramatically."
-- mathematics faculty member

The software is available free to all educators willing to provide us with feedback.

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System Requirements: Windows 7 (sp1), 8, 10 or higher

Last updated: July 17, 2017

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Classroom activities using COLOR FUNCTIONS, the LACI SMART CART and the FUNCTION PLANE are here.

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