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Permission Policy:
This document outlines the requirements for using copyrighted material from Learning with Math Machines, Inc..

Classroom activity handouts and software may be downloaded and used by secondary or introductory college teachers without charge in their math, science or technology classrooms. Participant handouts and facilitator materials are provided in MS Word format and may be modified to meet the needs of a particular class. We ask that you acknowledge "Math Machines, Ltd." as the source and the original copyright holder in any revisions you make. These materials may not be sold or used in teacher in-service programs without the express, written permission of Learning with Math Machines, Inc.

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You do not need to request permission to create a text link from your website to any of the pages on the Math Machines website. We do, however, ask that you follow these guidelines:
Learning with Math Machines, Inc. is listed as the original publisher of the information.
* A short description of the information may be reprinted on your site.
* Send the completed headline, link, description and credit to info@mathmachines.net

Learning with Math Machines, Inc. reserves the right to request the removal of any link. Learning with Math Machines, Inc.. encourages other websites to link to material found on the Math Machines website and this site may include links to other Internet websites. By allowing and providing such links, Learning with Math Machines, Inc. does not recommend and is not liable for any content, information, advice, products, services or prices therefore contained on or accessible through such websites. Your access, information, advice, products or services is solely at your own risk.

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Learning with Math Machines, Inc.. For all requests for use of copyrighted material from the Math Machines website, please contact fred.thomas@mathmachines.net

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Updated Nov. 28, 2018