Pointer / Power Pulley


Step 1 -- Orientation to Printed Circuit Board


Look at the printed circuit board (PCB) and be sure you understand how it should be oriented. Most of the components will be placed on top of the board while it is oriented as shown at left. This is the side of the board which will face the outside of the box. The last two components you will solder--the connectors to the stepper motor and the side power connectors--will be fastened on the opposite side.

Notice that the board is "double sided" meaning that it has lines of metal printed on both top and bottom. These metal traces are the "wires" which will conduct electricity. The holes are "plated through" so metal (and electricity) pass through the board at those points.

The board is also coated with a protective covering, so the metal is only exposed in and around the holes. Some of the larger holes have no metal traces, since they will be used for mechanical connections, not electrical connections.


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