Motor Controller


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Building a Motor Controller


The Motor Controller can operate either one unipolar stepper motor or four servo motors. It requires an external DC power supply, connected either through screw terminals or a 2.1 mm, center positive jack. The easiest way to use the controller is with the specific motors and DC transformer we recommend.

If you want to use motors or a power supply other than the ones we provide, the following information is very important:

  1. Unipolar stepper motors are available to operate at a wide range of different voltages. This controller can operate between 6 volts and 24 volts, but the current per coil should not be greater than 0.35 A. (Stepper motors typically use 2 coils at once, so the total current they draw is twice the current per coil.) It is essential that you match the current and voltage specifications of any stepper motor you plan to use with the capabilities of the power supply and the Motor Controller. You can recognize unipolar stepper motors by the fact that they have either 5 or 6 wires. Stepper motors with only 4 wires or with more than 6 wires will not work with this controller.

  2. Most popular hobby servo motors will work with this controller. These require 5 volts, but the input voltage to the Motor Controller must be at least 6 V for the electronics to function correctly. When used with servo motors, the ideal input voltage to the board is 6 V, although it can be as great as 24 V.


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