LabPro Robot Board

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LabPro Robot Board

Each board allows one of the LabPro's Digital ports to control both a stepper motor and either a servo motor or a voltage-activated device such as a light or buzzer. With two boards, the LabPro can run a SAM robot.

A single board can also be used with the CBL2 to run a 1-dimensional cart or a pointer. The board can also be modified with an alternative phone jack to work with the original CBL. Because they each have just one digital output port, this board is NOT appropriate for controlling a multifunction robot from the original CBL or CBL2.

This electronic circuit is very straight-forward and reliable. Iit is an ideal choice for anyone who has access to a LabPro and wants a "work horse" robot for classroom use. It is less "intelligent" than our EDE1200 board, however, and requires continuous signals from the LabPro, CBL or CBL2 to operate. (The EDE1200 board has on-board memory and processing capabilities which enable it to continue operating without continuous signals from the interface. It also has the ability to control more servo motors and the EDE1200 board can be "daisy chained.")


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